Q3 / ISO

We attach great importance to quality

Q3 - The Quality Label for Swiss Tourism

Swiss Tourism Federation: "The quality program of Swiss Tourism supports the quality improvement and the quality assurance in the tourist sector. It distinguishes hotels that work continuously to ensure quality and offer their guests the best possible experience each and every day."

Level Q3 is the highest level in the Q program and is only awarded to companies which have introduced a comprehensive and recognized quality management system.


ISO – quality management system EN ISO 9001

For the successful operation of a company a systematic and clear steering is required. In our view, a good instrument to support an effective management is the introduction and maintenance of a management system aiming at permanent improvement by considering the needs of all interested parties.

Swiss TS, our independent certification body: "The standard ISO 9001 is the most frequently applied management system worldwide. Currently over 1 million organizations are certified. In Switzerland around 15'000, this means around 5% of all companies. "