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Technorama - 
Swiss Science Center

Get carried away in this amazing world of science. The interactive exhibits at Technorama invite you to touch, to try, to play and to understand - a true feast for all your senses. Switzerland's only Science Center will leave you mesmerized, no matter how old you are and no matter how much you know (or don't know) about science, art and technology.

Technoramastrasse 1
8404 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 244 08 44


Museum Oskar Reinhart Winterthur

Oskar Reinhart (1885–1965), born into an old family of Winterthur merchants, was one of the most important art collectors and patrons in Switzerland.  The fondation was created "from the wish and will [...] for the Collection to remain permanently in his hometown of Winterthur whenever possible."

Stadthausstrasse 6 
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 267 51 72


Fotomuseum Winterthur

With its pictures ranging from art to documentation of the ordinary, the Swiss Mecca of photography captivates not only hardened fans. Both contemporary and classical photography find a fascinating setting in the Museum of Photography.

Grüzenstrasse 44 
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 234 10 60



A cosy restaurant with a beautiful view over Winterthur. In addition to the sunny terrace in a lovely garden, the Taggenberg possess a restaurant with traditional dishes and surprises. In the middle of the countryside, but still close to the city.

Taggenbergstrasse 79
8408 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 222 05 22



The restaurant Goldenberg lies nestled between vineyard and forest. Winterthur is literally at your feet. Light and seasonal, distinctly tasty dishes are served together with a sensational view - accompanied by beautiful wines.

Süsenbergstrasse 17
8400 Winterthur
Phone + 41 52 242 02 02


Bunter Hund

Small but fine. The urban and cosy restaurant for young and old. In the evening, the restaurant possess a stylish ambience with exclusiv dishes as well as space for cultural and social events.

Bachtelstrasse 72
8400 Winterthur
Phone + 41 52 203 14 14


Bolero - Lifestyle Club 

See, be seen, and dance. Beautiful people meet at the Bolero Lifestyle Club to celebrate life and themselves. All rooms are designed on the principles of Feng-Shui, inviting guests to linger a while.

Untere Vogelsangstrasse 8
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 209 09 90


Erzbierschof - Beerbar

Hava a beer, explore new stuff, having a good conversation, nibble, just chill, to talk a bit, have a look at the city park, sitting outside and much more.

Stadthausstrasse 53
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 212 52 52


Paddy O'Brien's

The original Irish Pub in Winterthur. 14 draught beers, snacks, Irish folk, blues, country, oldies and lots of sport.

Merkurstrasse 25 
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 212 12 22



The Casinotheater is unique across Switzerland:
the people around theatre director Victor Giacobbo are all famous personalities from national showbiz, who have transformed the once highly dilapidated house into a jewel beyond compare. Since its opening, the Casinotheater has become the heart of the Swiss comedy scene - but not only that: besides cabaret artists, musicians and authors also perform in the nostalgic auditorium.

Stadthausstrasse 119
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 260 58 58


Theater Winterthur

The Theater Winterthur has made itself known nationwide as a "house of guests" and Winterthur can no longer be imagined without it as a diverse cultural centre. The programme offers straight and musical theatre, ballet, dance theatre and regularly also special offers for children and teenagers.

Theaterstrasse 4
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 267 50 20


Griesbach Handbags and Accessoires

It all started with an old leather sofa...
All goods are handmade in Switzerland. Giving priority to high quality and exclusivity. A variety of best leather an other selected materials are processed.

Obere Kirchgasse 8
8404 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 233 83 45


Gran Reserva – The Wineshop

Gran Reserva opened in 2007 in the middle of the historic city center of Winterthurt. The mediterranean ambience of the south and the cordialness of Julia Meny is always present.

Neustadtgasse 1a
8404 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 213 16 16


Archhöfe City Mall

​On three floors you find fantastic shopping and gastronomic possibilities which makes the Archhöfe to a exlusive and attractive Place to be, close to the main station.

Lagerhausstrasse 18
8400 Winterthur